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London Financial Growth's Mission

At London Financial Growth we take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. As a start up, we are using our ethics to mark a statement of intent and you will find below what you can expect from us.


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We are a credit brokerage and while we are very passionate about what we do, our objectives do include making a profit. 

We will do what we can to make a profit, but this is not our only objective. We will walk away from any deal which either does not smell right or which is clearly going to detriment the client or world in which we live. 

We are here to service businesses which can stand up to ethical scrutiny.

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At London Financial Growth we pledge to ensure (as best we can) that we are carbon neutral at very least. If we can have a net positive impact on the world around us, even better. 

Exemplar to this, our management team have a disdain for paper and in today's world, it is not required quite frankly. Anything which can be done on paper, can pretty much be done on a computer, saving paper. 

Do we need paper? Yes. Do we like it? No. 

Sometimes we will have to use paper, we will have no choice. So what will we do with it once it has been used? Destroy it securely. We are looking for a supplier who can destroy our confidential waste in an environmentally friendly fashion - recycling would be ideal. 

At London Financial Growth we will look to use online systems of ID verification, signatures and anything else we can think of to save everyone time, effort and the environment from waste. If we miss something, we would always be grateful to hear feedback and pass it to management. We are not experts in the environment, we are experts in finance, but we will not use that as an excuse for poor environmental practices. 

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We know that the work we do has an impact. This impact is not limited to just the people and companies which we help directly, these companies etc. will have impacts on those people in and around them. We aim to push positive influence in to these firms and want to be particularly active in markets which have high social benefits. 

We understand that being a UK business we are at a great advantage in comparison to many non-UK businesses. We are in this position because of our armed services and we pledge to take note of that. If we are hiring, veterans will be looked upon favourably as well as any former key workers from other areas. Further, we pledge to actively try and hire people from different groups who traditionally do not have a chance to work in finance or may feel intimidated by the atmosphere. Our hiring practices will focus on individual talent and whether their personal ethic is exactly aligned with our mission - nothing else. We are not an 'old boys' brokerage where staff will not be hired for turning up with brown shoes to an interview - although we will always expect the highest standards of work and business practices. 

We know the unspoken 'rules' in finance. We just have no interest in playing by them. We will be better and stronger for taking this forward and we will use this to the advantage of our clients, communities and our wonderful country.